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Private Client Services


Private Client Services

1. Family office services

  • A family office is an entity established to provide services and manage assets of High-Net-Worth families. Singapore is an attractive location to set up family offices, trusts and funds to manage family wealth, due to Singapore’s well developed financial infrastructure and low tax rates.


2. Immigration planning

  • A Singapore family office can be used for immigration planning, may sponsor employment passes or even be used as part of an application for permanent residency by high-net-worth family members under the Global Investor Programme. Singapore family office structures can typically be designed to be exempt from local securities law for providing fund management services and exempt from income tax under fund tax incentives. We also provide comprehensive operational support to clients’ global expansion and mobility needs through an entire suite of services covering business migration, global immigration and passport programs, corporate mobility, tech pass, permanent residency applications, Global Investor Programme, citizenship applications, overseas education and relocation services.


3. Concierge services

  • Through an extensive network of partners, our concierge services make your life easier and get the job done to your absolute satisfaction.


4. Investment and insurance advisory

  • We help to structure a portfolio of investment funds and provide guidance in various insurance schemes according to your risk appetite, time horizon and market sentiments.


5. Wealth accumulation and preservation

  • Wealth accumulation is increasing your net worth over time, often through active earning and sound investments. Successful wealth accumulation and preservation is an extended process and does not come by chance. Proper advice and planning is essential.


6. Legacy and trust planning

  • The only certainty in life is that it will end one day. We will help you develop an effective and efficient estate plan so that your legacy will not only be preserved but also managed and distributed according to your wishes.


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