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Corporate Services


Corporate Services

1. Fund raising

  • Capital is the lifeblood of any business. Beyond traditional sources such as equity and debt, newer sources of financing such as private credit and crowd-sourced capital, are increasingly popular capital raising alternatives today. Our extensive network in the private and public domains allow us to facilitate capital raising mandates to an enviable degree of success.


2. M&A advisory

  • Our unique position in the business spectrum affords us a vantage point to suss out and connect buyers and sellers. Leveraging on an extensive business network, we dispense quality advice and drive value-accretive deals.


3. Grants and incentives advisory

  • Governments are playing an increasingly important role in the business landscape not only though policy formulation but also enabling and augmenting business growth through grants and incentives.


4. Business modelling and restructuring

  • The lifecycle of a business often takes it through defining moments. We work closely with you to provide bespoke and practical advice to navigate these moments such as stabilising the business, managing finances and improving profitability to enable recurring and sustainable growth.


5. Asset and cashflow management

  • Having adequate cashflow is paramount for any business. Liquidity management has taken on much greater importance in an increasingly volatile business landscape.


6. Business continuity

  • Having in place safeguards and adequate redundancies help ensure the continuity of your business when the unexpected happens.


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